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Bachelor Party

Most people (or not…?) celebrate this event once in their lifetime. There’s no room for compromise.

Flying off abroad to have fun in a one of the best strip clubs is unnecessary. The Pussycat Show Club is considered as one of the best strip clubs.

It’s right here. In Israel. The strip club that is well known all around the world.

The Pussycat club invites you to an unforgettable bachelor party. Remarkable alcohol. Beautifully stunning dancers. Fancy atmosphere. High standard services from our outstanding team of professionals. A Cava bottle will be waiting on the table with a main dish.

With the full consent of the bridegroom he could receive a mesmerizing show on stage with one of our dancers: A show he will never forget… And there are plenty more surprises for an uncompromised bachelor party.

All you need to do is just call us and come to enjoy Call 050-7714071

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So why there are no bachelor parties with no strippers?

Men think differently than women, it’s not just a myth. It was proven, scientifically. Men wish to celebrate a little differently than women in their bachelorette parties. Most women would like to celebrate with their best friends, an endless glass of champagne, good music and a sexologist,

While men wish for more than that. This isn’t just the last party before they get married, it’s the feeling of the last party with the guys. Therefore, they would love to utilize this one last time. “Strippers” is not a foul word anymore. In the past people were afraid of inviting a stripper due to the thought “What will people think?”, today things are very different. Nearly all bachelor parties have strippers.

Strippers add a lot of joy and spice to the men who party with their friends. Luxury strippers can be found only in a luxury club with a high reputation- The Pussycat Club.

The strippers in the Pussycat Show Club are one of the most professional, attractive and daring in the entire world of striptease, globally. This insures you will experience an unforgettable night.

The strippers in Pussycat are unique, incredibly attractive, models by day and strippers by night.

Here in Pussycat you will receive a royal and personal treatment. A place that will make all of your dreams come true.

17 years passed by since the opening of Pussycat, 17 years of thousands of successful bachelor parties.

The club provides all sort of celebrations: Birthday parties, surprise parties, release parties, etc.

The experience, the innovation, the top-quality service and plenty more will make this into the perfect bachelor party.

All you gotta do is give us a call, set a date and come. We will take care of the rest…

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