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About Us

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The Pussycat Club – the leading and most luxurious strip club in Israel!

About us

The Pussycat Show Club is the most luxurious and prestigious strip club in Israel.

The strip club was established in the year 2000. Ever since then, it’s considered as one of the best strip clubs not just in Israel, but around the world as well.

The moment you enter the club; you can immediately feel the fantasy realized right in front of your eyes. Some sort of magic that words can’t describe: The mesmerizing beauty of the strippers, the luxurious design of the club, the breathtaking shows, the exclusively prestigious audience who attends the club from both Israel and from abroad- celebrities, businessmen, athletes, super models and artists.

These, and many more factors create the vibe you’re looking for. That’s what makes the difference.

Pussycat does NOT compromise on quality. We Always reach the highest of standards.

The attention to details lets Pussycat stand on top among the best strip clubs around the world.

There’s an immense investment in both variety and quality of alcohol, service, innovation, music, atmosphere, erotic shows, sound systems and lighting systems.


The policy of the Pussycat club espouses the ideas of continuous innovation- design wise, lighting and sound system wise and costume and uniform wise. Same goes for the European level of choreography and the spectacular sets on stage.

The Pussycat Show Club consists of 30 gorgeous strippers and dancers. Pussycat is well known for its stunning strippers who are highly professional, beautiful, intelligent, and are amazing dancers.

A high percentage of them works as models in all sorts of campaigns.

Each night is escorted not just by the most beautiful ladies, but also with talented DJs and lighting operators who bring the fantasy atmosphere to life. A sort of fantasy that can only be achieved in the Pussycat club.

The Pussycat club offers two splendid central bars to get drinks from. One bar on each floor:

The entrance floor- The main area: sit as close as possible to the main stage. Spacious and pampering sofas for singles or for groups of people. Get comfortable around the stage or around the bar.

The second floor- A VIP area that has a great view of the stage underneath. This floor offers a various of drinks on the bar counter as well. There are plenty of seats with a great view of the show.

The Pussycat team specializes at bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, business events, birthday parties and all sorts of private parties.

The club is open every night from 23:00 till 5:00 am – There’s an entrance fee.

The Pussycat club is suitable for couples, women and men.

If you’re gonna party, then you gonna party hard. Don’t compromise…Pussycat.

Tel for orders –  050-7714071

Address- HaYarkon St. 169, Atarim square, Tel Aviv.


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